Baby Boy in Southern San Diego Studio

I love capturing newborns in my studio located in Imperial Beach, California. Newborn Photography is a specialized art that takes patience and ‘love’.  I am a mother of 4 so naturally newborns pull at my heartstrings. I love the chance to snuggle babies and I equally love being able to creatively capture their sweet details when I photograph them.

Newborn Pictures are just precious to admire. You don’t have to be pregnant or a mother to appreciate how sweet and innocent little babies are. I adore capturing newborns in my San Diego Studio. This specialty photography is taken within the first 2 weeks of babies life when the baby is still “squishy” and moldable. Baby boy pictures are so cute to look at. Baby Logan was a perfect angel at his newborn session. I often choose to style my sessions in neutral tones, soft blues, light browns, ivory and white. I feel soft neutral colors create a timeless image that can be framed and hung on any wall of the home. Pictures are meant to be hung and enjoyed. Logan’s mommy was so sweet and easy going she let me style the session and incorporate my passion for neutrals. Make sure to scroll down to see his pretty lashes and sweet lips. AND of course that amazing smile of his.

Do you know someone expecting, hit the contact tab to reach me and schedule your upcoming session or gift a baby session to a friend.

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