First Birthday Cake Smash

This beautiful boy turned one! First birthdays are a huge milestone and they should be celebrated to the fullest extent. That first year flies by so fast, and it’s hard to imagine that your walking and talking child was that snuggly little bean from all those months ago. As a mom of 4 I know how emotional big milestones can be, which is why I started offering these cake smash sessions.

Each cake smash session includes custom styling and the cake. I work with a wonderful local bakery and each order can be made to accommodate your little ones tummy. You can customize your cake and decorations, just like any other session. This big guy had a super awesome race car theme, and it made for some cute pre-smash photos! Once we dive into the cake, the fun really begins. Next, the kiddos get absolutely covered in frosting, but good news! I don’t just send them home like that, because we also do a post smash bubble bath! We get them all squeaky clean and splash around for a little bit while I get some fun photos.

Birthdays aren’t just a big step for kids, it’s also a big step for you as parents. I always wanted to slow time down each time one of my kiddos got another year older. A cake smash session is a great way to capture that moment in time. There is so much joy and excitement to be had during birthdays. I would be honored to help your family celebrate! Check out more of my cake smash sessions and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Post Smash bubble bath

One Year Cake Smash

One Year Pre Smash

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