Natural and Neutral Newborn Pictures | San Diego

When you book your newborn picture session with Ashlee Hayden Photography, each and every detail of it is custom to you and your family. There are no two sessions alike. Just like no two babies are just alike.

After booking your newborn photography picture session with Ashlee Hayden Photography, we will schedule a day for you to visit our studio and browse all of our unique, one of a kind, vintage  style props, bonnets, rompers and pants. It is during this visit that you will get the chance to “style” your baby session.

I love natural tones and colors, and have a desire for neutrals. It is within these colors that I get inspiration for my art. I crave simple and clean portraits that show off every feature of your baby. Their little lashes, cowlicks, wrinkled toes and puckered lips need to be the star of the show, and not overshadowed by overbearing props.

After visiting our studio, we wait. Babies come on their time, not ours. No matter how much we walk or how many old wives tales we try, believe me, I have tried them all with all four of my babies! Don’t forget to add me to your call list for when baby arrives! I do prefer to photograph babies at 7 to 10 days after birth. When you come in for your little ones newborn picture session, be prepared to stay a while and put your feet up. Each session lasts between 2 to 3 hours and the room is a toasty 85*. I encourage you to relax, watch a movie, or even nap while I work my baby whispering mojo.

On the day of your newborn picture session we will schedule you to come in again for your complimentary preview session. During this session you view all of the photos taken and pick your favorites. It is during this session that you will choose the products or package that best suits you and the collection that you have chosen. The preview session is key to insure that you leave with only what you love and nothing more or less.

To book a session, contact me via email or phone. I would be honored to welcome you into our Imperial Beach studio before your little newborn arrives to pick out props and details you wish to use at the newborn session. To schedule a time, Please contact me- 619-302-5871

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