One year picture session “Some Bunny is One”

Let me just start off by saying how much I love what I do. I love photography, and babies and children are everything. My passion with photography started with wanting to preserve memories of my own babies and children, which turned into a whirlwind of an obsession. I started photographing friends and family, and going to school, and doing workshops…I couldn’t get enough. Thats when I decided to take my passion and obsession to the next level and start a career helping families preserve their memories too.

So, little Scarlett here is one of the sweetest little one year old babies. Right away I knew she was going to make me work for her friendship; she came into my San Diego studio on mommies hip, and gave me the best “who the heck are you” eyebrows I have ever seen. The rest of the session was more of the same. She would peek at me briefly when I made silly noises or played peek a boo, but she preferred pretending I was not in the room.

Beautiful outfits were chosen from AHP studio client closet

She was a little reluctant to get into the cake at first. She spent the beginning of the cake smash portion just poking the cake. We decided to finally have mommy step in and put some into her mouth. After that, it was on.

Scarlett Definitely enjoyed her splash portion of her “smash and splash” one year old picture session the best. She played, splashed, smiled, and danced the whole time, and was not happy when it was time to get out and get dry. Ready to book your babies one year old cake smash and bubble bath with Ashlee Hayden Photography? Contact here 

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