Hi there! My name is Ashlee Hayden. I am a professional photographer based out of San Diego, CA. Actually, I have 2 full-time jobs: mother and photographer. I am mom to three sprightly boys, one feisty girl, and a wife to a very loving and supportive husband who has made my photography dreams possible. I have loved taking photos for as long as I can remember, and have been capturing memories professionally since 2011. This has allowed me the flexibility to do what I love while spending a lot of much needed time with my quickly growing children. I started my career photographing couples, but starting in 2014 I began a new interest (more like obsession) with photographing newborns. As a mom, I can tell you they don’t stay small forever, so every single piece of them, from their itsy bitsy toes, to their puckered little lips, needs to be documented and preserved forever in photographs that can be cherished for generations. And as a mother I understand the importance of capturing all of life’s important moments. My job as a parent has been a major influence on my photography career. I believe in living a clean, healthy, organic life, and that is reflected in my photography. I aim for a natural aesthetic, with earthy tones and familial atmosphere.

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