Mommy and Me pictures in San Diego California

The relationship with our mother grows and changes as we move from childhood to adults. As kids, there is no one else who can soothe us like our mom could. As teenagers, we challenge our mother as we start to develop independence. As adults, we move into a friendship with each other. The special relationship that exists between a mother and daughter deserves to be celebrated. It is the time that we spend together laughing, playing, adventuring that, as parents, we want to hold on to. We want to savor this time in our lives together because it really   does    go    all   too   fast.  As parents we often take photos of our children and forget or even more often “dodge” the camera. Our children are going to want to see photos of you at every age – the good – bad and gracefully grey.  They will want those memories of you as much as you do of them!  So book your Mother + Child | Father + Child Session with us.

I am so grateful that I get to capture the mother & daughter bond on camera.

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