simple cake smash and bubble bath session

Simple cake smashes focused on baby.

Ashlee Hayden Photography is not like the rest. Ashlee doesn’t use tons of colors and props to decorate these portraits. It is more important to photograph baby and all the little details. Her little hands and toes, eyelashes cloaking curious eyes, and the delicate way soft hair falls in cute chaos. We want to help you  remember every single detail of your toddler. Capturing all their sweetness and personality is so important to Ashlee Hayden Photography.

Every Cake Smash baby session also includes post smash bubble bath photos. This allows baby to play, and smile, and splash, while getting all clean before the ride home.Ashlee Hayden Photography has a large closet of many one of a kind hand made delicate outfits, hats, and headbands for your baby. Contact Ashlee and come check out the studio!Cakes are also supplied by Ashlee Hayden Photography. They are expertly made by her cake artist and can accommodate any, and all dietary needs.

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